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Relativity Partnership

Inventus is a best-in-class Relativity Authorised Partner. We are the only organisation to ever receive the Relativity Best in Service designation across its global data centres. This outstanding achievement signifies our exceptional customer service and experience for Relativity end users on an international level. 



Inventus uses LexisNexis platform LAW to perform all processing and productions. LAW is the platform of choice when it comes to processing by corporations and government agencies. Inventus maintains the following specifications when it comes to its LAW environment:

  • Processing platform of choice by corporations and government agencies
  • Largest and most sophisticated LAW installation in the world
  • Innovative Direct Link technology connection directly to our Relativity hosting platform, eliminating the need to copy and move data during data loads
  • Industry leader in imaging and production capability, with the ability to tiff 3 million pages daily
  • Continued custom development


As a Premium Hosting Partner, Inventus maintains three years of orange-level Relativity Best-in-Service recognition, given only to full-scale eDisclosure companies who demonstrate outstanding infrastructure and expertise supporting Relativity. Inventus is also recognised as a Relativity Certified Reseller, ensuring flexible software options, local support, and regular infrastructure maintenance. 

With 51 total Relativity certifications, Inventus ensures their employees are certified in fully understanding the capabilities of Relativity, including:

  • 1 Relativity Master
  • 18 Relativity Certified Administrators
  • 22 Relativity Review Specialists
  • 1 Relativity Analytics Specialist
  • 1 Relativity Assisted Review Specialists
  • 3 Relativity Infrastructure Specialists
  • 6 Relativity Certified Sales Professionals


Inventus currently licenses Relativity v 9.2. With this upgrade, there are several features that enhance the review tool:

  • Visualise Your Data: Turn any field of metadata or coding information into a widget to visualise your data. Search through your data by interacting with graphs and charts to automatically apply filter criteria.

  • A Brand New Way to Search: Combine full-text searches with filter criteria on any field in your database. Drag and drop conditions into logic groups. Use a visual conditions panel to build the advanced nested searches your investigation requires without any of the complexity

  • Focus on What Matters to You: De-clutter your Relativity workspace by dragging and dropping the visualisation widgets and document lists you want to see, where you want to see them. Save it all as a Dashboard to get going faster the next time you log in.


Relativity Analytics

Relativity is the fully featured e-discovery platform with advanced text analytics search technology that helps you improve review speed, organize data by concepts, and quickly identify key issues.
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