With Inventus ZenithTM, your legal team can process and host case data quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Zenith is a web-based, self-service eDisclosure solution that is intuitive yet powerful, ideal for small to medium-sized cases and internal investigations. With Zenith, you can immediately upload, process, analyse, review, and produce electronic documents in a scalable, secure environment via a user-friendly web interface.


  • Intuitive, secure user interface
  • Easy case setup & data upload
  • Drag & drop data processing
  • Browser-agnostic review interface
  • Customisable, interactive discovery analysis dashboard
  • Real-time, online production

Drag & Drop eDisclosure

Secure, access-controlled collaboration
Drag and drop native data directly into the browser
High-speed data processing and upload

Robust Case Analysis

 Interactive, customisable dashboard
Visualise and filter results to quickly get critical data
Easily search, filter, cull, and tag documents
Supports 20+ container/archive formats
Search terms tagged on upload

Full eDisclosure Review & Production

Full-featured document review; customisable layouts and UI
Easy tag management
Real-time, online productions
Flexible, intuitive options make creating productions a simple process
Automatic production alerts



  • Dozens of standard reports included
  • Processing reports
  • Review activity reports
  • User auditing
  • On-the-fly reports

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