Many companies manage their projects using email systems, spreadsheets, CRMs, or various other tools. This can cause issues in security as well as make it difficult to organise and track projects.


AMP, or the Advanced Management Platform from Inventus, is our all-in-one project management system that brings new levels of command and control to our eDisclosure process:

  • Project managers can perform work without having to leave the system
  • Everything is kept centralised, allowing for quick reference by every part of our organisation
  • Workflows walk users through tasks, building a guaranteed repeatable process
  • Task allocation, auto alerts, to-do lists and proactive monitoring allow for effective management and oversight of large teams and complex projects
  • All tasks, milestones, and assets are aggregated in one place, giving transparency of data, visibility of progress and a full audit trail of activity


The system is very customisable and stores everything that happens across the duration of a project. The product out of the box can be completely adjusted to your own needs and specifications.

AMP is very process driven, in that once tasks are created, they can be assigned, given a required date and the queue is then updated with necessary tasks and filtered on. This also allows users to pick up and work on individual tasks where they left off, or hand them off to another person.

Additionally, from a QC perspective, tasks are required to be done in the correct sequence; ensuring critical steps are always followed. The system also has measures to prevent more tasks being added to jobs that have been closed. Also, system created work logs record time spent on tasks, so a work log can be generated to bill clients, and time can be reported on, with a full proof auditing feature.

An internal messaging system allows users to perform work and communicate without having to leave the system. The tool will send automatic email and pop-up notification that allows users to see projects assigned to them, without having to check their email.



  • All-in-one project management system
  • Easily build repeatable workflows
  • Directly integrated with Relativity and LAW
  • Robust and full proof media tracking
  • Generate reporting on every project aspect
  • Complete customisation of project tasks and views
  • Ensures QC in project sequence


Data integrity is central to our business, and top of mind for our clients. We are committed to establishing and maintaining a clean, defensible, and auditable chain of custody for every single byte of data we are entrusted with.

While most media tracking systems lack even basic functionality, Inventus uses a systemised approach that adds new media, defines the type of media, when it was received and by whom - updated automatically and intelligently. The proprietary system then integrates with AMP, our project management, and workflow portal, so that we can track every single file from ingestion to processing, through ECA and review, and on to production.

Project Management

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