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Michael Ciaramitaro

Michael Ciaramitaro
Michael Ciaramitaro, US Director of Digital Forensics, has 16 years’ experience in managing large and complex cases involving data preservation, Forensic analysis and other complex matters. He provides consultation to Inventus clients on the Identification, Preservation, and collection phases of the EDRM. He is a testifying expert in computer forensics consulting clients through complex litigation and investigative methodologies including but not limited to data mapping, data preserving, and analysis of ESI for both US Based and International matters. He has worked closely in assisting attorneys with planning discovery requests, interrogatories, expert testimony rebuttals and data collection strategies from data repositories of all types. Ciaramitaro has been a keynote speaker for electronic discovery groups on many occasions and often presents to AM Law 100 and Fortune 500 organizations on the discipline of data collection, litigation readiness, Tips and Tricks to Data Mapping, IoT, Emerging Technologies and other eDiscovery and Computer Forensic topics. He is a thought leader in his field and has expertise in the area of Remote Assisted Collection’s crucial in addressing the unique collection landscape as a result of COVID-19.
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A Safer eDisclosure Data Collection Practice During Coronavirus

Posted 03/19/20 11:00 AM by Michael Ciaramitaro

In recent years litigants have increasingly turned to Remote Assisted Collection Kits (RACK) and similar technologies to avoid the significant cost –– in money, time, and manpower –– that typically accompanies the forensics and collection phase of electronic discovery.


As the COVID-19 crisis has prompted travel restrictions, workplace closures and a plea from governments and health authorities for employees to work from home whenever possible, the case for remote collection tools has never been stronger. Even if on-site collection remains possible in some circumstances, it may involve putting employees at risk of exposure to the virus.



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