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The potential of automated translation in multilingual litigation

Posted 01/13/20 10:39 AM by Sarah Brown

During a recent webcast presented by Inventus, eDisclosure experts discussed ways firms and organizations can overcome the obstacles of multilingual litigation – a growing trend in the legal field as litigation increasingly goes global.

Using Data to Drive Decisions in eDisclosure

Posted 12/17/19 4:07 AM by Sarah Brown

In legal matters, practitioners have access to a lot of data. But deriving meaning from that data, and harnessing it into actionable tasks is another matter entirely. Watch this video with Inventus expert Alisa McLellan, who explains how dashboarding tools can work to the benefit of eDisclosure teams looking to make smarter decisions from start to finish.


eDisclosure Gone Global: Best Practices for Legal Service Providers

Posted 11/5/19 8:00 AM by Sarah Brown

Managing and analysing large volumes of data in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries, or internal investigations is no easy task. Legal professionals must be able to find and collect data quickly, protect it once they have it, and handle it according to best practices - which vary by jurisdiction, country, state or region, and even between organisations.

As you might expect, eDisclosure tasks may become even more difficult when the disclosure involves data sources across international borders, raising important questions about how to organise and conduct eDisclosure activities.


Relativity Fest 2019: Top Buzzed-About eDisclosure and Legal Trends

Posted 10/25/19 9:00 AM by Sarah Brown

This week we attended the tenth annual Relativity Fest – the annual gathering of eDisclosure wonks of all stripes in Chicago – to talk technology, legal services, and all things discovery with clients and colleagues from all over the world.


It’s not often we eDisclosure wonks get to really let our geek flags fly – and as one of the biggest gatherings of eDisclosure experts in North America, Relativity Fest is one of our favorite events for doing exactly that. From the big-production fanfare of the keynote and the real talk of the judicial panel to the down-and-dirty details of the panels and presentations in between, it’s always a great time for learning and celebrating everything we as an eDisclosure community can do.


International eDisclosure & Cross-Border Compliance: Expert Perspective

Posted 10/16/19 11:00 AM by Sarah Brown

Wrongdoers know no international borders - so investigators of wrongdoing must be able to operate nimbly across borders, too. In particular, it behooves international organisations - and the law firms that service them - to pay particularly close attention to high-risk geographies and ensure they have the expertise and infrastructure needed to quickly respond to any incidents that arise.


When it comes to multinational investigations and eDisclosure response, there are a few best practices that legal and compliance practitioners should look for. Chris Dale, of the eDisclosure Information Project, sat down with Inventus expert Erin Plante recently for a video interview on the topic.


How Lawyers Can Help Keep Sensitive Data Safe from Hackers

Posted 09/11/19 1:51 PM by Sarah Brown

Keeping data safe used to be the sole job of dedicated departments within companies – typically not something lawyers were trained on. The largest companies would have specialised teams focused on the task of securing confidential information – while smaller organisations and even law firms might not have any certified security officers on staff at all.



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