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M3: Multi Matter Management®

It is Finally Here: a Multi-Matter Management Workflow With Consistency, Assurance, and Cost-Savings.


How often are you faced with having to collect, process and review data more than once across your active matter portfolio? For corporate legal departments dealing with serial litigation or ongoing investigations, repeating this process for each subsequent matter is costly and fraught with potential risks. With the latest offering from Inventus, Multi-Matter Management (M3®), you are able to recycle data, coding, and valuable attorney work product to save you time, expense and effort.


M3® is an eDisclosure management solution that lets corporations with sizable litigation portfolios and/or frequent inquiries and investigations, to automatically transfer and apply previous legal work product and virtually any conceivable fielded data across multiple matters in an automated, scheduled and synchronised way. It enables corporations and law firms to see the bigger picture and develop a repeatable process for assessing and reviewing previously processed and/or reviewed data so it can be seamlessly and proactively transferred into an unlimited number of Relativity workspaces. With M3®, future matters can make use of previous legal work product across multiple matters, streamlining future eDisclosure processes to save you time and expense.



Reduce Costs
Legal review costs are significantly reduced by leveraging previous legal work across concurrent and future matters (all legal work product and coding are consistent).
Reduce Risk
Prior review designations are applied to new matters where documents overlap to keep designations (e.g. privilege) consistent between matters.
Control Process
Enables corporations to maintain control over their data and lighten the management burden of counsel—allowing them to focus on case strategy.


 Partner with Proven eDisclosure Experts

Inventus is a leading expert in eDisclosure management. Have the leaders on your side.

Increase Insight into Your Data

From collection, to processing, to production - gain better visibility into your data and each matter to ensure your overall strategy matches your corporate goals.

Achieve Consistency Across Matters

Legal work product transfers so prior designations exist, giving you consistency and reducing risk.


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